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School of Chemical Sciences


Our unique programmes for schools brings students and scientists together. We offer schools and their students a myriad of opportunities to experience the magical world of Chemistry.

New Zealand Chemistry Olympiad Training Camp

Each year a group of about 20 secondary school students is selected to form a training group. During first term, the training group undergoes a training program which includes reading material, problem assignments and a couple of tests. In April a training camp is held. At the end of the camp a team of four is selected to go to the International Olympiad which is held in the first weeks of July.

New Zealand Chemistry Olympiad Trust


Student practice day for Scholarship Chemistry

The Scholarship practice day in Chemistry provides students with an understanding of the requirements of the scholarship examination in Chemistry. It also offers advice on answering typical scholarship-style questions. Several aspects of the scholarship course are covered, followed by practice in answering questions.

Saturday 5 October 2013

For more details please contact

Dr David Salter


Practical Day for Year 13 Chemistry

The Practical Day will provide Year 12/13 chemistry students with an opportunity to carry out several experiments that reinforce common skills used in the laboratory. The experiments are:

  •  Quantitative analysis by titration.
  • Synthesis and crystallisation of an aluminium compound.
  • Qualitative analysis of consumer chemicals.
  • Organic synthesis of an ester.

The date for the next Practical Day will be announced at the beginning of 2013.


The BASF Kids Lab programme

The BASF Kids Lab programme is a wonderful ‘hands-on’ learning day where children can experience the magical world of Chemistry through safe and fun chemical experiments. BASF, a chemical company, introduced Kids Labs in Germany in 1997 and since then it has spread across the world to 40 countries with over 30,000 children participating.

In partnership with the School of Chemical Sciences at The University of Auckland, BASF Kids Labs is held over two days at the city campus of The University of Auckland. Each year we invite approximately 240 children between the ages of 8 to 10 years, from schools all over Auckland, to participate in this event.

For More Details Please contact

Katrina Graaf :

Peter Swedland


Virtual Incredible Science

Aimed at primary and intermediate aged children, and their families and teachers, Virtual Incredible Science is a free three-day event of interactive online activities and shows highlighting the fun and diversity that science offers.

Virtual Incredible Science


Courses and Careers Day

The University of Auckland invites you to our City Campus to discover more about study opportunities and student life. You will learn about entry requirements, see exhibits, attend lectures and tours, learn about scholarships and the careers your study could lead to. There will be plenty of entertainment, food and fun on the day. Current staff and students will be on hand to welcome you and answer all your questions.

Courses and Careers Day