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School of Chemical Sciences

Planning a BSc

To complete your degree in the minimum of three years, you will need to study eight courses (120 points) per year.

Throughout your degree you will also need to take a certain number of courses at Stage I, II and III. We recommend that you have an overall plan, even if it changes over time. You can try several subjects to begin with.

  • Identify a subject major you believe will be your ultimate academic goal. You usually choose your own courses within the requirements for majors.
  • Identify the prerequisites required for the Stage II and III courses in your major of interest. Prerequisites are other courses, usually at a lower stage, which must be passed before you can enrol in the course of interest. This will allow you to identify the core Stage I courses you will need to take to advance in this subject. Most majors require at least 2 courses (30 points) at Stage I.
  • In addition to these core Stage I courses, you will be taking other Stage I courses in related subject areas within the Science schedule (eg, Mathematics in conjunction with an intended Computer Science major). You can also take other general interest Stage I courses.

You may find it useful to complete one of our degree planners. These are available online or from the Science Student Centre. Remember to ensure that you are meeting all the BSc requirements as outlined in the Faculty of Science Undergraduate Prospectus.

You can find more detailed information about our different programmes here: