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School of Chemical Sciences

Master of Science (MSc)

The Master of Science (MSc) is a one-year full-time or two-year part-time programme and consists of a 120-point thesis only. Applicants must have school approval and a thesis supervisor before enrolment.

The research MSc in Chemistry takes one year and consists of a research thesis (120 points), which you complete under the supervision of one of the members of staff in the Department of Chemistry. The requirement for entering the MSc degree is either a BSc(Hons) degree or a Postgraduate Diploma in Science with at least a B- average in at least six 600 or 700 level science courses (90 points) of which at least 5 (75 points) must be at 700 level.

A student who is within 15 points of completing all the requirements for BSc(Hons) or PGDipSci may, with the approval of the Head of Department, enrol for MSc provided that the remaining course is completed within 12 months of entry to MSc. The Head of School's permission is formally required for assignment of a research supervisor.

The research project is undertaken in close cooperation with the supervisor and there is plenty of interaction with other researchers. All research students are assigned laboratory and desk space, as well as full access to the computer network. The thesis project provides a unique opportunity to develop experimental skills, creativity, and a flair for communicating results.

For most research students, completing a thesis is an exciting accomplishment, which gives a much deeper insight into scientific thinking than is possible in an undergraduate programme. Research seminars are held regularly at the school, and each research student will present a seminar as part of their programme requirements. The results of many MSc thesis projects are presented at international conferences and published in scientific journals.

Students are advised to consult the University of Auckland Calendar for detailed regulations for this degree.

The University of Auckland Calendar


A BSc(Hons) degree or PGDipSci completed at The University of Auckland OR an approved degree of equivalent standing completed at another university. B- grade average over 90 points of the qualifying programme, of which at least 75 points must be at 700 level.


  • A thesis (120 points) based on a research project
  • A research seminar, normally presented during the second semester

Note that mid-year enrolment is possible for MSc. Consult the coordinators for advice and read the Chemistry Handbook for information about research supervisors and research topics. An application to enter the MSc programme may be made at any time during the year, but the choice of supervisor may be restricted. Students must apply for admission to the MSc programme on-line by visiting Student Services Online.

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Selection of supervisor

Students need to select a research supervisor in parallel with the application to enrol for this programme. Please make arrangements to discuss with individual staff members the projects that are of interest to you. You should consult with at least three staff members and fill out a supervisor selection form.

Find more information about how to select your supervisor

Help and advice

For further information on the MSc in Chemistry degree, please contact:

Associate Professor Tilo Söhnel
Phone: +64 9 373 7599 Ext. 89722