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School of Chemical Sciences

BSc(Hons) in Chemistry

The Bachelor of Science (Honours) is a degree designed for top-achieving students. This is one year programme and can also provide a faster path to the PhD degree for students intending to perform advanced research.

The one year BSc(Hons) programme is an option for well-prepared students wishing to study chemistry in greater depth than a BSc.

The BSc(Hons) can also provide a faster path to the PhD degree for students intending to perform advanced research.

The minimum requirement for entry into the BSc(Hons) in Chemistry is a BSc degree, majoring in Chemistry with at least a B average in 90 points above Stage II, including at least 45 points in Chemistry. A student who is within one course of completing a BSc and has passed the entry requirements stated above may, with the approval of the Head of Department, enrol for BSc(Hons) provided that the remaining course is completed within 12 months of entry to this degree programme and is not a course required for the major. BSc(Hons) will only be awarded once the requirements for BSc have been completed.

BSc(Hons) is a one year full-time or two year part-time degree programme composed of four courses (60 points) and a research dissertation (60 points).

Your research project will be supervised by one of the academic staff and you will normally be allocated the supervisor of your choice. Your project work will be carried out throughout the year and the results reported in a written dissertation. Assessment of your project and dissertation will be based on your input of work and effort and the quality of your written dissertation rather than on the results alone.

The research topics available for the BSc(Hons) project arise from the research programmes of the academic staff.  

For detailed regulations for this degree students are advised to consult the University of Auckland Calendar. 


Attain at least a B average in 90 points above Stage II, and have completed a Chemistry major (refer to the Handbook and the University Calendar).


  • 60 Points CHEM 793 BSc(Hons) Dissertation in Chemistry


  • 60 Points from CHEM 710-780


  • 45 Points from CHEM 710-780 and a further 15 points, subject to approval by Head of Department, from 700 level courses in a related subject.

A candidate for BSc(Hons) must achieve a GPA average of 3.5 (B-) or above to be awarded this degree. A student who completes the BSc(Hons) year but does not attain the minimum grade for honours may credit the 700 level courses towards a Postgraduate Diploma in Science.

Selecting a supervisor

Students need to select a research supervisor in parallel with the application to enrol for this programme. Please make arrangements to discuss with individual staff members the projects that are of interest to you. You should consult with at least three staff members and fill out a supervisor selection form.

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Help and advice

For further information on the BSc(Hons) in Chemistry degree, please contact:

Associate Professor Tilo Söhnel
Phone: +64 9 373 7599 Ext. 89722