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Entry requirements

If you would like to study at The University of Auckland, you will have to meet specific entry requirements before you can be offered a place in a programme.

Entry into a bachelors (honours) postgraduate degree

Admission to postgraduate programmes depends primarily on your previous academic qualifications. In almost all cases, an undergraduate degree with good academic grades in the relevant subject is required for admission to postgraduate study. Some programmes may also take into account your previous work experience.

Bachelors (honours) postgraduate degrees are designed to attract the best undergraduate students commencing graduate-level studies. They generally require completion of an appropriate undergraduate degree with an average grade of ‘B’ (GPA of 5.0) or higher in the Stage III prerequisite courses from a recognised institution. Some faculties and programmes require a higher GPA for admission.

Entry into a postgraduate diploma

A postgraduate diploma is a coherent programme of courses that builds on the knowledge gained in your major subject at undergraduate level. Entry criteria for a postgraduate diploma will vary according to the subject or faculty in which you intend to complete this qualification. As a general rule, you need to have completed a relevant undergraduate degree at a recognised tertiary institution, with passes in the specified prerequisite courses in your selected subject area.

Entry into a masters degree

A masters degree allows you to build on your previous postgraduate study by increasing your knowledge in a specific subject area. Masters degrees are usually offered as research or taught options, but not all masters programmes offer both options. Acceptance into a masters programme is at the discretion of the Dean of the faculty. As a general rule however, you will need to have completed a relevant postgraduate degree such as a bachelors (honours) degree or a postgraduate diploma at a recognized institution and to have obtained a better than average grade point average for admission into a masters programme.

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