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School of Chemical Sciences

Future postgraduates

The School of Chemical Sciences encourages students to pursue their studies to postgraduate level and to follow their interests by taking the opportunities provided for self-directed research.

  • Postgraduate study options

    The School of Chemical Sciences offers a range of postgraduate programmes in Chemistry, Food Science, Forensic Science and Wine Science.

  • Admission and enrolment

    Find detailed information about admission and enrolment for our postgraduate students in the School of Chemical Sciences.

  • Scholarships and awards

    Find out about the scholarships and awards you may apply for.

  • Careers

    Studying Chemistry at the University of Auckland gives you transferable skills which you can use in a wide range of careers.

  • Academic advisers

    Our postgraduate advisors in the School of Chemical Sciences are happy to answer any enquiries about study options.

  • Meet our students

    Find out what our students have to say about studying Chemistry and why they chose to study with us.

  • Selecting a supervisor

    Students enroling in postgraduate study at the School of Chemical Sciences need to select a research supervisor in parallel with their application.