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School of Chemical Sciences

Hazard management

Recording of Substances for the Hazardous Substances (Exempt Laboratory) Regulations - An indicative list

  • Introduction
  • HSNO 3.1A Flammable Liquids
  • HSNO Class 3.2A Liquid desensitised explosives
  • HSNO Class 4.1.3A Solid desensitised explosives
  • HSNO 4.1.2 A and B - Reactive Solids
  • Acetylides
  • Fulminates
  • Azides
  • HSNO 4.2A Reactive solids
  • HSNO 4.3A Solids that emit flammable gases
  • HSNO 5.1.1A - Oxidising Compounds
  • HSNO 5.2A and B - Organic Peroxides Types A and B
  • HSNO 6.1 A, B and C - Toxic Compounds
  • Toxic gases
  • Alkaloids and toxins
  • Compounds included in Schedule 1 of the Chemical Weapons (Prohibition) Act

Safety Guideline Electricity

  • Faults and repairs
  • Safe working practices
  • Equipment Inspection and Testing
  • Equipment fuse replacement
  • Imported equipment

Take 5 document to be used for each experiment

Take 5 document
(81.9 kB, PDF)

Working with Laboratory Managers and Persons-in-Charge lists

  • Determining who should be on the list
  • Working in a HSNO exempt laboratory
  • What to do in the event of an accident requiring an evacuation
  • In the event of a drill
  • Blank laboratory managers/persons-in-charge list

Hazard management items included in the School of Chemical Science Safety Guidelines

  • Safety – general Information
    • Getting Started
    • Awareness in Research
    • Take Five Safety Assessment
    • Equipment Maintenance
    • Glassblowing
    • Breakdowns in service
    • Use of specialist equipment
    • Procedure when research work has been completed
  • Hazard Guidelines
    • Chemical Safety Guidlines
    • Safe use of chemicals
    • Common sense and good housekeeping
    • Storage of speciality chemicals and solvents
    • Transportation
    • Correct use of Goods lift and Passenger lifts
    • Fume Cupboards
    • Use of Blast Shields
    • Disposal of Waste Chemicals
    • Spillages
    • Compressed Gas Cylinders
    • Cryogenic Materials
    • Pyrophoric solids
    • Scope
    • Hazards
    • Designated Work Areas
    • Protocols
    • Emergency Procedures
    • Centrifuges
    • Laser Safety
  • Important telephone numbers
  • Safety Guidelines Acknowledgement Form
  • Access to University Facilities Approval Form

Unattended/Overnight Experiment Permission Form