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School of Chemical Sciences

Emergency management

Instructions for building occupants

If you're in a University building and discover a fire or other emergency that could endanger people.


Building Warden and Fire Warden duties

  • Chemical Sciences staff to assist in an emergency
  • Building wardens
  • Floor Wardens
  • Location for reporting

Fire Wardens and First Aid staff list

  • Chemical Sciences staff to assist in an emergency
  • Fire wardens
  • Emergency telephone numbers
  • First aiders

Lab Manager and Person in Charge Reporting responsibility

  • If an accident occurs in a laboratory, and an evacuation is required
  • What to do in the event of an accident requiring an evacuation
  • In the event of a drill
  • Location for reporting

Emergency Management items included at the School of Chemical Sciences Safety Guidelines

  • Fire
  • Gas leak
  • Civil emergencies
  • Important telephone numbers
  • Safety Guidelines Acknowledgement Form