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The Joyce, Lady Waters School of Chemical Sciences

Forensic Science resources

Forensic Science facilities


Research workers in the School of Chemical Sciences have access to a wide range of facilities including various spectrometers and in-house glassblowing, mechanical and electronic workshops, as given at the left. This collection of research equipment makes the School of Chemical Sciences one of the best and most extensive analytical centres in the country.

These facilities are also available to the Faculty of Science, wider University community, and outside organisations where practicable.

Queries regarding their use should be addressed to the contact persons given in each page.

Services and facilities

Laboratory-based research in the Forensic Science programme is carried out in the School of Chemical Sciences and the School of Biological Sciences at The University of Auckland and at the Institute of Environmental Science and Research Ltd. (ESR). The general equipment and facilities available at these locations can be found on their websites. In addition, the programme has

  • A Rofin polilight alternate light source with associated filters
  • An SLR digital camera with accessories
  • A comparison macroscope

Graduate students in their first year are housed at the School of Chemical Sciences, and have access to the school's computer network and computers. Graduate students in their research year are able to use the same computer facilities or facilities associated with specific research groups.