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School of Chemical Sciences

From the Director

Welcome to the Food Science Programme



Food science is the study of the physical, chemical, and biological properties of foods, and their effects on the sensory, nutritional and storage properties, as well as safety. Therefore it interfaces with and draws upon many scientific disciplines, including chemistry, physics, biology and engineering. Recent advancements in science and technology have opened new frontiers for the production and prolonging shelf life of foods, providing convenience and health benefits, thus creating exciting and challenging opportunities to work. A basic or advanced qualification in food science will equip you to take up challenging positions within the food industry, research institutes and in the academic fields.

Our programme has always been at the forefront in the teaching of food science. Our students are exposed to new development in food science, and are offered with the opportunity to interact with all the academic staff at the School of Chemical Sciences, and with visiting national and international experts. We also have a strong research culture and offer opportunities to engage in fundamental and applied research activities ranging from modelling of food biomolecules to product development.

This website guides you through the various courses offered under the umbrella of Food Science at The University of Auckland. Please feel free to contact food science staff members to assist you in planning your career and about our current research projects.

Best wishes,

Associate Professor Siew-Young Quek
Director, Food Science Programme