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About the Food Science programme

What is Food Science?

Food Science is the study of physical, chemical, biological and engineering properties of food and their effects on the sensory, nutritional, and storage aspects as well as safety. Therefore it interfaces with and draws upon many scientific disciplines.

Why study Food Science at The University of Auckland?

Food Science is well established at The University of Auckland, which has excellent faculties of Science, Engineering and Medical and Health Sciences. Each of these faculties makes contributions to the teaching of Food Science at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Strong links have been developed with the food industry and Crown Research Institutes involved with food through joint research.

We have excellent laboratory facilities, including analytical laboratories and a specially designed food processing laboratory, which is modelled on a modern food factory with clean-room facilities. We also have the best possible sensory evaluation facilities.

Graduates can expect to find employment in the food industry (both national and international), Crown Research Institutes, and government agencies in areas such as food manufacturing, food analysis, brewing, cereals and baking, dairy, processed fruit and vegetables, winemaking, food ingredients and additives, product development, sensory evaluation, quality assurance and food safety.

Our graduates are already employed in:

  • Food Industry
  • Dairy Industry
  • Brewing
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Crown Research Institutes
  • Government agencies
  • Multinational food companies

Food Science undergraduate study options

Food Science postgraduate study options

Food Science courses