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The Joyce, Lady Waters School of Chemical Sciences

Nanostructured Materials

Contact Researchers: Assoc. Prof. Jadranka Travas-Sejdic, Prof. Graham Bowmaker

Five researchers who work with Nanotubes pose for a photo
Hui, Paul, Lijuan, Zoran and Jadranka at the School of Chemical Sciences

The synthesis and characterization of self-assembled nanostructures of conducting polymers, particularly polyaniline (PANI) (e.g. for sensor applications) has been investigated extensively during 2007-2008. The large surface area of these nanostructures promises enormous advantages in sensitivity and response speed over conducting polymer-based thin film sensors, as well as the possibility of electrocatalytic functionality.

Polyaniline Nanotubes

Self-assembled PANI nanotubes have been formed in the presence of a range of organic and inorganic acids, and with the inclusion of gold nanoparticles. With the addition of a polymeric acid, functionalisation of residual carboxylic acid groups has been used to construct a simple electrochemical DNA sensor (Dr Lijuan Zhang). A novel approach using pH-stat during aniline chemical polymerisationhas led to a higher purity yield of nanotubes and closer identification of the products formed under different pH conditions. PANI nanotubes have also been functionalized with hydroxymethylphosphine linker molecules (Comin Laslau - MSc, in conjunction with Prof. Bill Henderson of Waikato University).


Solid-state NMR studies of 15N labelled polyaniline nanotubes

A detailed, structural investigation of 15N labelled samples of PANI nanotubes has been carried out by using solid-state NMR spectroscopy. While many spectral features are typical of chemically synthesized PANI some features specific to the nanotube-containing material also could be identified (Dr Zoran Zujovic).

Nanostructures obtained from substituted polyanilines

Various micro/nanostructures of conducting polymers, including nanospheres obtained using poly(methoxyaniline) and poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) have been synthesised and characterised (Dr Hui Peng, Dr Lijuan Zhang and Sui Jing - PhD).

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