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The Joyce, Lady Waters School of Chemical Sciences

Further medical and engineering applications

Conducting polymer based wound-dressings

Dr Maria Gizdavic-Nikolaidis is working on a FRST Postdoctoral Fellowship to examine the use of conducting-based nanofibrous materials in tissue engineering, building upon the excellent biocompatibility and low cell toxicity which has been established for a number of conducting polymers.

Organic thin film transistors

In this research a newly synthesized organic semiconductor material has been used in an organic thin film transistor (TFT). We have also demonstrated the use of organic dielectrics and pentacene to achieve a mechanically flexible TFT (Noviana Tjitra Salim - PhD with Dr K.C. Aw and Prof Wei Gao).

Controlled permeability membranes

Composite membranes containing conducting polymers are being developed for use in water permeability applications. Variation in synthesis variables is being used to improve the stability and performance of the membranes (Asif Ali Qaiser - PhD with Assoc. Prof. Margaret Hyland and Dr Darrell Patterson).

Polyanilines in corrosion control

Polyaniline-based primer systems are being developed as surface coating systems with a focus on the influence of the conducting polymer dopant (Andreas Gabriel - PhD).

Conducting polymer based drug delivery

The ion exchange properties of conducting polymers are being used to release charged or ionisable drugs following electrical stimulation (Darren Svirskis - PhD, in conjunction with Assoc. Prof. Sanjay Garg and Prof. Anthony Rodgers at the School of Pharmacy).

Recent publications

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