School of Chemical Sciences

Polymer Electronics Research Centre (PERC)

The Polymer Electronics Research Centre (PERC) within The University of Auckland was established in 2003 to promote, facilitate, and advance research in the field of polymer electronics in the University.


Polymer electronics, at the centre of the molecular nanotechnology revolution, promises an exceptional range of future research and development opportunities. The Centre brings together 15 research academics from Science, Medicine and Engineering to develop new polymer electronics materials for sectors such as Health & Bioelectronics, Polymer Electronics in Devices, Corrosion, Sustainable Energy and Molecular Circuitry. The research projects are highly interdisciplinary and all require complementary knowledge contributions from the various disciplines.

  • Our people

    Research staff and students associated with Polymer Electronics Research Centre (PERC).

  • Research

    Research work within Polymer Research Centre (PERC) is characterised by a multidiscplinary approach to Polymer Electronics.