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School of Chemical Sciences

Structural and Computational Chemistry

Key Staff involved

Dr Johannes Reynisson

reynisson-johannes 1

Johannes Reynisson’s research interests lie within the field of chemical biology. His main interests are

  • DNA damage by ionising radiation
  • Molecular carcinogenesis
  • The properties of drug-like chemical space
  • Application of virtual high throughput screening

His work is based on building models representing the biological system under investigation. The first step is to validate the theoretical methods by comparing them to experimental data. When this criterion is satisfied the model is used to glean further insight into the phenomenon under investigation.

Dr Tilo Soehnel

Tilo Soehnel

The main focus of Dr Soehnel's research lies in the field of experimental and theoretical chemistry of solid state compounds and inorganic materials such as mixed main group metal / transition metal cluster compounds and complex transition metal oxides. This includes the preparation and characterisation of novel tin, antimony and lead cluster compounds with promising materials properties and the calculation of band structures of solid state compounds to investigate the crystal structure and the electronic structure.