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The Joyce, Lady Waters School of Chemical Sciences

Green Chemistry

Green Chemical Science is the use of chemical principles, science and technology to advance society in ways that are benign to the environment and sustainable for the foreseeable future.

Key Staff involved

Professor James Wright


Professor James Wright's research covers a wide range of topics, but general underlying themes are transition metal chemistry and Green Chemistry.  In our research we synthesise and study new compounds that display a broad diversity of reactivities, structures and bonding types. In some cases, such as our studies of metallabenzenes and inorganometallic chemistry, we investigate the fundamental properties of materials with unprecedented structures, bonding types or reactivities. In other cases our research is more practically orientated, as in the development and study of new catalysts for environmentally benign transformations and oxidations of organic compounds. The underlying concepts of Green Chemistry are used as the powerful guiding principles of our research in these areas.

For more information about Green Chemistry please see Centre for Green Chemical Science

Dr Jonathan Sperry

Jon Sperry

Dr Jonathan Sperry's interests can be split into three main areas:

Organic Synthesis

  • C-H functionalization
  • Study of natural product synthesis as a platform for methods development.
  • Particular emphasis is placed on compounds that possess unprecedented architecture, biomimetic synthesis and novel reaction development.

Medicinal chemistry

  • Design and synthesis of novel biologically active entities based on leads from Nature.
  • The structure aided design of novel 3C-protease inhibitors - in collaboration with Prof M. A Brimble (Auckland) and Dr Stephen Connelly/Prof Ian Wilson (Scripps Research Institute, USA).
  • Synthesis of compounds to target superbugs (MRSA, vancomycin resistance, etc.)

 Sustainable Synthesis / Green Chemistry

  • Value-added chemicals from biomass derived building blocks.
  • Green solvents and reagents.