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The Joyce, Lady Waters School of Chemical Sciences

Food Science

Key Staff Involved 

Dr Bruno Fedrizzi


Bruno Fedrizzi’s research focuses on isolation, identification and analysis of molecules from biological samples. Mass spectrometry based techniques are used for structure elucidation and the development of analytical methods to quantify molecules of biological and/or technological interest.

Main area of research is the study of the secondary metabolites in grape and wine (cf Wine Science Programme), even though current projects on honey, dairy products, etc. are currently undergoing. Strong collaborations with David Barker allow to extend this field of research to the total synthesis of the molecules of interest. These projects are developed to gain fundamental knowledge on the biosynthesis of these compounds in natural products and to provide important applicable insight to several NZ industry sectors.   

Associate Professor Yacine Hemar

Yacine Hemar

Associate Professor Yacine Hemar's research interests are related to the physical-chemical characterisation of food systems such as proteins and polysaccharides and their mixtures in solution, gel or emulsion states. Of specific interest the Structure-Function properties of biopolymer networks, and how these properties are affected by different stressors, such as shear,heat, pH etc.

Professor Laurence Melton

Laurie Melton

Professor Laurence Melton's  research focus on the chemical interaction of food molecules particularly macromolecules. For example protein dimerisation, protein-polysaccharide interactions and polysaccharide interactions to form plant cell walls (dietary fiber).Bioactive compounds in fruit are another research field. 

Professor Conrad Perera

  • Chemistry and Technology of processing of food products, with special emphasis on functional foods.
  • Transfer of technology to industry by way of national and international consultancies. Minimal processing of fruit and vegetable products
  • Functional foods such as soy isoflavones and vitamin D and changes during processing. Development of novel methods of processing including energy efficient methods of drying.

Associate Professor Siew-Young Quek

Siew Young Quek bw

Current Projects and Research

  • Lipid research.
  • Liposomes and Microencapsulation.
  • New Food Product Development.
  • Processing of Tropical Fruit.
  • Food Waste Utilisation.
  • Biodegradable / Nanocomposites Food Packaging.

Dr Fan Zhu


Food carbohydrate chemistry, grain science, antioxidants and functional foods, water relations of foods.  

  • Starch Chemistry
  • Grain Science
  • Antioxidants and functional food
  • Characterization of natural polyphenols from food and medicinal plants
  • Application of natural antioxidants to address the problems in food safety and functional foods development
  • Developing strategies for moisture management to enhance food safety and quality
  • Interactions of water with food macromolecules and their impact on food quality