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School of Chemical Sciences

Research areas

A wide range of research areas are represented by academic staff in the School of Chemical Sciences. Research students and postdoctoral fellows contribute to this research at all levels and publish their research in a wide range of well known international scientific journals.

Research in analytical, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry supported by structural and computational chemistry reflects our strength in the traditional core of the discipline. Food, wine and forensic science research links to the specialised degree programmes offered in those areas.

Research in emerging, multidisciplinary programmes is also strong, for example green chemistry, much of it carried out within research centres and institutes at the University. Medicinal and biological chemistry research is carried out in collaboration with the Maurice Wilkins Centre for Molecular Biodiscovery. Materials research has links to the Polymer Electronics Research Centre located within our school, and also to the Plastics Centre of Excellence, the Materials Accelerator, the Light Metals Research Centre and the Centre for Advanced Composite Materials. Two very new facilities within the School of Chemical Sciences, the Photon Factory and Microfabrication laboratory, have recently added new dimensions to our research activities.