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The Joyce, Lady Waters School of Chemical Sciences

Postgraduate research topics in Wine Science

The list below shows the wide range of our postgraduate research in the School of Chemical Sciences. Use it as a source of inspiration if you would like to study with us.

Current PhD research topics

Topic Supervisor Student
The effect of fining treatments on the chemical and sensorial profiles of Marlborough Sauvignon blanc press fractions Dr Bruno Fedrizzi Katie Jane Parish
Novel synthesis and development of analytical methods of complex organic components in wine Dr Bruno Fedrizzi Nina Marie Duhamel
The pathway of volatile sulphur compounds in wine yeast Dr Bruno Fedrizzi Matias Ivan Kinzurik
Use of conducting polymer based redox mediators for determination of antioxidants in beverages. Prof Paul Kilmartin Hande Karaosmanoglu
Rotundone; the impact of viticulture on fruit and wine sensory components in Vitis vinifera L. Syrah through ripening, and its impact on the biological activity of non-nutritional functional agents in red V. vinifera L. Prof Paul Kilmartin Gerard Anthony Logan
Key aroma compounds of Sauvignon blanc wines - enological and chemical processes affecting wine quality. Prof Paul Kilmartin  Leandro Dias Araujo
Organic Inorganic Hybrid Polymer Composite Material. Prof Paul Kilmartin  Manatchanok Sitthiracha
Chemical studies of the synergistic effects on oxidative transformation of phytochemicals important to gut metabolism  Prof Paul Kilmartin  Winai Suthanthangjai
Application of grape maceration techniques for white wines to increase phenolic compounds and anti-oxidative capabilities while maintaining sensory quality Prof Paul Kilmartin Kenneth John Olejar Jr
Characterisation of the primary aroma compounds in Central Otago Pinot noir grapes Prof Paul Kilmartin Tanya Eaton Rutan
Impact of Juice Oxidation on the Formation of Varietal  Thiol Aromas in Sauvignon Blanc Grapes and Wines Prof Paul Kilmartin Yu Li