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The Joyce, Lady Waters School of Chemical Sciences

Postgraduate research topics in Medicinal Chemistry

The list below shows the wide range of our postgraduate research in the School of Chemical Sciences. Use it as a source of inspiration if you would like to study with us.

Current PhD research topics

Topic Supervisor Student
Synthesis of Mukanadin B and Analogues as Possible Neuroprotective Agents Dr David Barker Michelle Brothers
Aza-lignan project in Medicinal Chemistry Dr David Barker Eunkyung Jung
Synthesizing novel self assembled monolayer conductive polymers for improving biocompatible and norotrophic devices Dr David Barker Mona Damavandi
Synthesis of Biologically Active Lignan Natural Products via an Acyl-Claisen Rearrangement and an Unusual 1,4-diaryl Rearrangement Dr David Barker Samuel Davidson
Studies towards the asymmetric synthesis of 1,4-benzodioxane neolignans Dr David Barker Lisa Ivy Pilkington
Total Synthesis of the Dineolignan Ophiocerol and Derivatives Dr David Barker Sophie Geyrhofer
Synthesis of bioactive natural products and associated analogues Dr David Barker Reuben White
Chiral sulfoxide auxiliaries for the asymmetric synthesis of benzannulated spiroketals DProf Margaret Brimble Harry Robert McRae Aitken
Synthesis of unusual dispiro metabolites DProf Margaret Brimble Sandhya Badrinarayanan
Synthesis of danshenspiroketallactones and cryptoacetalides DProf Margaret Brimble Daniel Frazer Chorley
Synthesis of Danshenspiroketallactone and Cryptoacetalide for the Treatment of Cardiovascular Disorders DProf Margaret Brimble Xiaobo Ding
Vaccine design for lectin targets DProf Margaret Brimble Paul Laurence Haseler
Organocatalytic assymetric synthesis of 6,5-benzannulated spiroketals DProf Margaret Brimble Jonathan Grant Hubert
Synthetic and Computational Studies on Members of the Pyranonaphthoquinone Family of Anitbiotics DProf Margaret Brimble Paul Alexander Hume
Design and synthesis of rat selective toxicants DProf Margaret Brimble Morgan Graeme Jay-Smith
Development of bioactive 3C protease inhibitors as therapeutics to treat the common cold DProf Margaret Brimble Joo Young Jeong
Novel Selective Ligands of the CB1/D2 Receptor Heterodimer DProf Margaret Brimble Nils Kahlcke
Method Development for Characterization of Novel Copper Chelators in Patients with Diabetes DProf Margaret Brimble Meder Kamalov
Synthetic investigation of neurologically active therapeutic agents DProf Margaret Brimble Fan Li
Synthesis of cyclic peptides isolated from a psychrophile DProf Margaret Brimble Tack Yain Ngen
Total Synthesis of Aspergillus Spiroketal and its analogues DProf Margaret Brimble George Ouma Opiyo
Asymmetric gold-catalysed synthesis of the paecilospirone spiroacetal DProf Margaret Brimble Rachelle Quach
Total synthesis of lasionectrin and related analogues as novel anti-malaria agents DProf Margaret Brimble Vincent Laurent Poral
Synthesis of marine derived natural products Aigialospirol and its analogues DProf Margaret Brimble Zhanwei Wang
Total synthesis of terreinol, a spiroketal natural product, and investigation into enantioselective oxidative spiroketalisation DProf Margaret Brimble James Michael Wood
Studies towards onchidal's acetycholine esterase inhibitory activity A/Prof Brent Copp Melissa Michelle Cadelis
The synthesis and investigation of marine natural products as potential anti-fouling agents A/Prof Brent Copp Hugo Ka Ho Fong
Bioactive marine natural products A/Prof Brent Copp Iman Khalil
The synthesis of natural product containing polymers for use in the prevention of biofilms A/Prof Brent Copp Michael Aaron Pullar
Marine Natural Products in Drug Discovery A/Prof Brent Copp Jiayi Wang
Studies Towards the Design, Synthesis and Analysis of Bioactive Peptides Dr Viji Sarojini Ho Zee Kong
Studies towards the identification and synthesis of proteins expressed in intact and degenerate bovine cartilage Dr Viji Sarojini Bincy Jacob
Peptide conjugation to build tumour selectivity into potential chemotherapeutic agents Dr Viji Sarojini Alan James Cameron
Design, Synthesis and Structural activity relationship of antimicrobial peptides against multi-drug resistant organisms Dr Viji Sarojini Gayan Heruka De Zoysa
Design and synthesis of polypeptides as potential drug carriers for therapeutic purposes Dr Viji Sarojini Shama Dissanayake
Three dimensional conformation,  synthesis, characterisation of peptides and their application in devising drugs Dr Viji Sarojini Tarun Chand Vagvala
Complex alkaloid synthesis by C-H functionalization Dr Jonathan Sperry Lachlan Michael Blair
Synthetic studies towards indole-based alkaloids Dr Jonathan Sperry Emily Margaret Boyd
Total synthesis of cage indole alkaloids Dr Jonathan Sperry Matthew Barry Calvert
C-H functionalisation in the synthesis of complex alkaloids Dr Jonathan Sperry Andrew Stuart Eastabrook
Biomimetic synthesis of natural products Dr Jonathan Sperry Joshua Alan Homer
Building molecular complexity from inert C-H bonds Dr Jonathan Sperry Ashley Chiame Lindsay