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The Joyce, Lady Waters School of Chemical Sciences

Postgraduate research topics in Food Science

The list below shows the wide range of our postgraduate research in the School of Chemical Sciences. Use it as a source of inspiration if you would like to study with us.

Current PhD research topics

Influence of emulsifying salt on processed cheese rheological and sensory properties A/Prof Yacine Hemar Nur Anis Afifah Arzami
Analytical research on protein, characterization, purification, etc involving milk protein analysis (dairy chemistry work) A/Prof Yacine Hemar Norliza Binti Julmohammad
The effect of polysaccharide addition and mineral balance alteration on the physical and rheological properties of yogurt A/Prof Yacine Hemar Shu Ki Lam
Gelation (rheology and light scattering) of Lactoferrin-based Systems A/Prof Yacine Hemar Zhao Li
The use of plant protease in cheese-making A/Prof Yacine Hemar Zhi Yang
The structure, functional (physicochemical) properties, and applications of quinoa starch. A/Prof Yacine Hemar Guantian Li
Berries and Human Health Prof Laurence Melton Jeffry Sutanto Tang
Use of natural antioxidants and proteins to retard oxidative deterioration of fish oil Prof Laurence Melton Da Chen
Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction of Potent Compounds from Selected Microalgae Prof Conrad Perera Mona Ahmed J Alzahrani
 The research project is entitled "From Vine to Fruit Bowl - Routes to Kiwifruit Softening" Prof Conrad Perera Christina Grace Fullerton
Elucidation of the mechanism of Vitamin D degradation in powdered milk. Prof Conrad Perera Fatemeh Mahmoodani