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The Joyce, Lady Waters School of Chemical Sciences

Postgraduate research topics in Chemistry

The list below shows the wide range of our postgraduate research in the School of Chemical Sciences. Use it as a source of inspiration if you would like to study with us.

Current PhD research topics

Topic Supervisor Student
Metal complexes as potential imaging agents and anti-cancer drugs Prof Penny Brothers Meet Vijaykumar Mistry
The forbidden crystal: Penrose tiling with molecules Prof Penny Brothers Seong Joo Nam
Chemistry of tridentate ligands containing pyrrole and nitrogen heterocycles Prof Penny Brothers Katie Gichee Lin
Boron porphyrin and corrole complexes. Prof Penny Brothers Stefanie Maslek
Spectroscopic investigation of boron complexes of porphyrin and porphyrinoid ligands Prof Penny Brothers Nina Igorevna Novikova
Synthesis of Boron Halide complexes of Polypyrrolic Macrocycles. Prof Penny Brothers Aaron Chin Yit Tay
Synthesis, isolation and characterisation of bipodal and tripodal small peptide containing hexacoordinated cobalt(III) complexes. Prof Penny Brothers Erin Wei Chen
Selective Chelators for Beryllium. Prof Penny Brothers Lekamage Lakshika Chethini Perera
Low cost bio-sensors Prof Penny Brothers Cherie Tania Tollemache
Modelling Techniques for Optimisation of Polyurethane Formulations Mr Neil Edmonds Ransi Devendra
Development of bioanalytical techniques for mode of action studies of tumor-inhibiting metal complexes. A/Prof Christian Hartinger Hannah Holtkamp
Targeting of tumours with Cytotoxic Payload - Functionalisation of anticancer agents with tumour-seeking moieties A/Prof Christian Hartinger Sanam Movassaghi
Tumor-inhibiting metal complexes with novel modes of action A/Prof Christian Hartinger Kubanik,Mario
Novel Antimicrobial Polymers Dr Jianyong Jin Christopher John Wilcox
Polymer Chemistry Dr Jianyong Jin Jian Zhang
The Synthesis of High Thermal Conductivity Polymer Dr Jianyong Jin Hong Kang
Adhesion mechanisms in formaldehyde free bio-based resin/fiber interfaces Dr Jianyong Jin Nancy Kay Hati
New Materials for Micromachining and Microfabrication Dr Jianyong Jin Reece Whitby
Biofilm prevention using immobilised antimicrobial proteins Dr Duncan McGillivray Peter William Akers
Formation of protein fibrils followed by deposition of inorganic material onto the fibril surface Dr Duncan McGillivray Rayomand Shahlori
Dynamic interaction between beta-lactoglobulin and pectin Dr Duncan McGillivray Yuanyuan Xu
A study of the adsorption of silicate on magnetite and maghemite A/Prof Gordon Miskelly
Safeia Elgaroshi
Analysis of airborne vapors present at former clandestine methamphetamine laboratories A/Prof Gordon Miskelly Mansa Vijayanunni Nair
Identification and development of PARP inhibitors for anticancer therapeutic treatment Dr Johannes Reynisson Homayon John Arabshahi
Predictions of ADMET properties using DFT Dr Johannes Reynisson Ayesha Zafar
In silico modeling of ADME-Tox properties based on DFT calculations with special emphasis on natural products Dr Johannes Reynisson Daniel Moscoh Ayine-Tora
Molecular modelling, chemoinformatics and computational chemistry Dr Johannes Reynisson Chatchakorn Eurtivong
Ultrafast laser studies of the characteristics and timescales of photodegradation in culturally important dyes and pigments A/Prof Cather Simpson Sarah Jane Thompson
Time Resolved Spectroscopy of Solar Energy Harvesting Complexes A/Prof Cather Simpson Lian Hsien (Julie) Kho
Time-resolved resonance Raman spectroscopy of aryl-diphosphenes A/Prof Cather Simpson Xindi Wang
Magnetic and Structural investigations into transition metal doped  ternary copper-metalloid-oxygen systems Dr Tilo Soehnel Daniel Jeremy Wilson
Polymers, in particular synthesis and characterization of conducting polymers Prof Jadranka Travas-Sejdic Nihan Aydemir
Investigation of self assembly of grafted conjugated polymers and their properties in various solvents or in solid state upon contact of various substrates Prof Jadranka Travas-Sejdic Paul Baek
On-demand Adhesive Systems based on structure of Gecko's feet Prof Jadranka Travas-Sejdic Omer Javed Chaudhary
Nanofluidic based cell Co-culture platform for artificial skin Prof Jadranka Travas-Sejdic Wai Chi Eddie Chan
Enhancing electroactive polymer ion separation membranes Prof Jadranka Travas-Sejdic Alissa Jane Hackett
Development of stimuli responsive films for biomaterial application Prof Jadranka Travas-Sejdic Mohamad Wafiuddin Ismail
Development of novel DNA sensors using fluorescent conducting polymers, hydrogels and electrospinning Prof Jadranka Travas-Sejdic Thomas Edmund Kerr-Phillips
Switchable Surface Properties of Conducting Polymer Brushes  Prof Jadranka Travas-Sejdic Lisa Talya Strover 
Nanostructured Conducting Polymers Prof Jadranka Travas-Sejdic Bicheng Zhu
Next Generation Semiconductor Photocatalysts for Hydrogen Production Dr Geoff Waterhouse Zakiya Hilal Nasser Al-Azri
Novel Plasmonic Materials for Surface Enhanced Spectroscopy (SERS) Applications Dr Geoff Waterhouse Pei-Huan Hsieh
Development of Efficient Semiconductor Photocatalysts for Hydrogen Production. Dr Geoff Waterhouse Wan-Ting Chen
Development of integrated Lab-on-a-Chip solutions for accelerated drug screening routines and point-of -care diagnostics, and an innovative mesofludic platform for automated manipulation of small model organisms Prof David Williams Jin Akagi
In-situ experiment of early formation of carbonate scale using synchrotron x-ray diffraction. Prof David Williams Margareth Monika Ko
Network management methods for a high spatial density design in air quality measurements. Prof David Williams Georgia Frances Miskell
Developing new and highly efficient catalysts for carbon-carbon bond formation reactions, alkene hydrogenation and C-H bond activation Prof James Wright Ameneh Bolouri
Development of catalysts for Green Chemistry. Prof James Wright Brendan Darryl Harvey
New Ligands for Organometallic Catalysts - Characteristics and Applications Prof James Wright Rahmat Ullah Farooqi
Extended structures from metallabenzene and metallabenzenoid building blocks Prof James Wright Benjamin James Frogley
Catalysts for Green Oxidation Chemistry Prof James Wright Xiaoxin Lin
The study and development of N-(pyridinylidene)amides (PYAs) to generate homogenous catalyst for vital chemical transformations Prof James Wright Bikimi Bitrus Ayiya
Development Organometallic Complexes Potential for Homogenous Catalysts in Oxidation Reactions with Hydrogen Peroxide or Oxygen Prof James Wright Ahmad Zaidi Bin Ismail
New  catalyst for oxidation reaction in Green chemistry. Prof James Wright Courtney Jayne Davy