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School of Chemical Sciences

Professional staff



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373 7599



Mr Yiran An Technician
Ms Albina Avzalova Research Technician 81262

Mr Jeff Boyle Manager - Advanced Teaching Labs 87598 303-104
Mr Matheu Broom Assistant Technician
Mr Tony Chen Instrument Technician -Mass Spectrometry 88760 301-515
Mr Heru De Zoysa Research Assistant
Ms Linda Fotherby Academic Services Coordinator 82480 302-630
Mr Louie Gommans Business Development Manager
Ms Katrina Graaf Laboratory Manager 87513 303-103
Ms Tania Groutso Senior Technician 85864 301-420
Mr Peter Hosking Technician
Ms Sally Hsieh Laboratory Technician
Mr Michael Keough Microfabrication Technician   302-747
Ms Aisha Khan Group Services Administrator 88805 302-620A

Ms Adeline Le Cocq Project Manager Commercialisation
Mr John Lau Group Services Coordinator 89376 302-630
Mr Tim Layt Technical Team Leader 85878 301-729B
Miss Min-Young Lee Academic Services Team Leader 88343 302-630
Ms Freda Li Research Assistant
Mr John McGowan Research Technician
Mr Alistair Mead Technical Officer 87508 312-172
Mr Tasdeeq Mohammed Store Technician 87505 301-B061
Mr Stuart Morrow Instrument Technician 88760 301-515
Ms Mansa Nair Research Associate
Seong Nam Research Assistant
Mrs Sandra Otty Technician 88317 303-104
Mr Hamesh Patel Research Assistant
Mrs Sreeni Pathirana Food Science Technician 87116 302-957
Ms Janesha Perera Research Technician
Mr Michael Groom Group Services Manager 86874 302-617
Ms Jan Robertson Wine Science Technician 3727054 Goldwater Wine Science Centre,Waiheke
Dr Michael Schmitz NMR Laboratory Manager 88286 302-957
Ms Anna-Marie Simcock Group Services Team Leader 88439 302.623
Mr Radesh Singh Laboratory Technician 84750 302-1057
Mr Andrew Siow Research Assistant
Mrs Premika Sirisena Research Administrator 89171 302-741
Mr Aaron Tay Research Assistant
Mr David Titheridge Store Database and Bestchoice developer 86770 302-855
Mr Roger Van Ryn Senior Technical Officer
Mrs Natalija Vyborna Technician
Mr Michael Wadsworth Technical Manager 87399 302-949
Mr Andy Wang DWC Outreach Coordinator
Ms Heather Wang Financial Administration Team Leader 88545 302-640
Mr Tom Ward Project Manager
Dr Pooja Yadav Instrument Technician 88417 301-420
Ms Selina Yang Assistant Technician