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School of Chemical Sciences

Course details: WINESCI703 The Science Behind Winemaking

Description: This course is designed to follow on from 702 and focuses on the contemporary scientific knowledge and research that is of relevance to winemaking, commencing from the point of grape harvest. Topics of study will include:- the biochemistry and microbiology of winemaking including the fermentation process, packaging and aging of wine; and factors impacting on the formation of desirable and undesirable characteristics in wine. The application of traditional and modern methods in biochemistry and microbiology will be discussed in relation to the winemaking process including selection, cultivation and improvement of yeast and bacterial strains. Research issues of national and international relevance to winemaking will also be addressed.

Semester: Second Semester
CoordinatorProf Paul A. Kilmartin
Phone: + 64 9 3737599 ext 88324/84263
Room: 302-937
Assessment: Assignment 20%, Laboratories 30%, Examination 50%