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School of Chemical Sciences

Wine Science courses

A wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate Wine Science courses are on offer at the School of Chemical Sciences.

Year 2

Code Title Stage
WINESCI201 Introduction to Wine Science Semester 2


Code Title Stage
WINESCI701 Winemaking in a New Zealand Setting Semester 1
WINESCI702 The Science Behind Grape Production Semester 1
WINESCI703 The Science Behind Winemaking Semester 2
WINESCI704 Sensory Evaluation and Statistical Methods Semester 1
WINESCI705 Project in Wine Science Semester 1 / Semester 2
WINESCI706 The Business of Wine Production Semester 2
WINESCI707 Topics in Wine Science Semester 2
WINESCI708 Post-fermentation Processes in Winemaking Semester 2
WINESCI796 MSc Thesis in Wine Science Semester 1 / Semester 2