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School of Chemical Sciences

Course details: FOODSCI302 Food Preservation (15 points)

Description: The fundamental principles of freezing and thawing, thermal processing and canning. fermentation and dehydration are studied. Consideration is also given to emerging technologies, with an eye to methods of most interest to New Zealand food industries. An overview of the major causes of food degradation, from microbiological to chemical, is presented. Methods of shelf-life testing are introduced with an emphasis on the maintenance of the nutritive value, safety of the food product and appeal to the consumer. Sampling of food is undertaken in this course.

Semester: Second Semester
Coordinator: TBC
Phone: + 64 9 3737599 ext TBC
Email: TBC
Prerequisite: FOODSCI 201
Assessment: Incourse 45% (Theory 10%, Practical 35%), Examination 55%