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School of Chemical Sciences

Chemistry courses

A wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate chemistry courses are on offer here at the School of Chemical Sciences.

Year 1

Code Title Stage
CHEM100/100G Molecules that Changed the World Summer School
CHEM110 Chemistry of the Living World Semester 1 / Semester 2
CHEM120 Chemistry of the Material World
Semester 1 / Semester 2
CHEM150 Concepts in Chemistry Semester 1

Year 2

Code Title Stage
CHEM260 Introduction to Green Chemistry Semester 2

Year 3

Code Title Stage
CHEM310 Structural Chemistry and Spectroscopy Semester 2
CHEM320 Design and Reactivity of Inorganic Compounds Semester 1
CHEM330 Contemporary Organic Chemistry Semester 2
CHEM340 Advanced Analytical Chemistry Semester 1
CHEM350 Topics in Chemistry: Modular Course Semester 1 / Semester 2
CHEM360 Contemporary Green Chemistry Semester 2
CHEM380 Materials Chemistry Semester 2
CHEM390 Medicinal Chemistry Semester 1
CHEM392 Issues in Drug Design and Development Semester 2


Code Title Stage
CHEM690 A & B Graduate Diploma Dissertation (Chemistry) Semester 1 / Semester 2
CHEM691 A & B PG Diploma Dissertation (Chemistry) Semester 1 / Semester 2
CHEM701 Directed Study  
CHEM702 Directed Study  
CHEM710 Structural and Computational Chemistry Semester 2
CHEM720 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Semester 1
CHEM730 Modern Methods for the Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules Semester 1
CHEM735 Advanced Medicinal Chemistry Semester 1
CHEM738 Biomolecular Chemistry Semester 2
CHEM740 Current Topics in Analytical Chemistry Semester 2
CHEM750/751 Advanced Topics in Chemistry 1 & 2 Semester 1 / Semester 2
CHEM770 Advanced Environmental Chemistry Semester 2
CHEM780 Advanced Materials Chemistry Semester 2
CHEM793 BSc(Hons) Dissertation in Chemistry Semester 1 / Semester 2
CHEM795 Research Methods in Chemistry Semester 1 / Semester 2
CHEM796 MSc Thesis in Chemistry Semester 1 / Semester 2