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School of Chemical Sciences

Course details: CHEM390 Medicinal Chemistry

Description: Nature of cellular targets for drug action - lipids, proteins, enzymes, DNA. Principles of molecular recognition. Enzymes and receptors as targets for drug action. DNA as a target for drug action. An overview of approaches to drug discovery and development. Structure-activity relationships, stereochemistry and drug action, prodrugs, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, physiochemical properties and drug action, drug resistance. Laboratories focus on the synthesis, and biological testing of drugs.

Semester: First Semester
Coordinator: Dr Vijayalekshmi Sarojini
Phone: + 64 9 3737599 ext 83387
Room: 529-307
Laboratory: 6 laboratories (6x3 hours)
Prerequisite: CHEM 110 and a minimum of 165 points passed.
Assessment: Final examination 50%; test 20%; laboratory 30%