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School of Chemical Sciences

Course details: CHEM 220 Inorganic Compounds Structure, Bonding and Reactivity

Description: Modern inorganic chemistry encompasses the study of compounds with a broad diversity of reactivities, structures and bonding types. Often these have widespread relevance for many other areas of science and technology. Fundamental concepts in atomic and molecular structure will be provided to give a foundation for examples drawn from coordination, bioinorganic, organometallic and main group chemistry. The associated laboratory course provides complementary experience in synthesis and measurement of physical properties for selected inorganic compounds.

Semester: First Semester
Coordinator: Prof. Christian Hartinger
Phone: + 64 9 3737599 ext 83220
Laboratory: 6 laboratories (6 x 3 hours)
Prerequisite: Either CHEM 110 and 120, or B- in CHEM 110 or 120
Assessment: Final exam 50%; 2 tests 25%; laboratories 25%