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School of Chemical Sciences

Course details: CHEM 210 Physical and Materials Chemistry

Description: Physical chemistry is essential for developing and interpreting the modern techniques used to investigate the structure and properties of matter. Materials chemistry is in increasingly important subject aimed at producing new or improved materials for a variety of practical applications. Covers topics involving the application of physical chemistry to the study of modern materials: polymer chemistry, electrochemistry and energy storage, and electrical properties of solids.

Semester: Second Semester
Coordinator: Tilo Söhnel
Phone: +64 9 923 9722
Laboratory: 6 laboratories (6 x 3 hours)
Prerequisite: Either CHEM 110 and CHEM 120, or B- in CHEM 110 or 120
Restrictions: CHEM 243
Assessment: Final exam 50%; 2 tests 25%; laboratories 25%