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PhD scholarship

The Development of Catalytic Routes to Polysilanes

A PhD scholarship is available to work with Dr Erin Leitao in the School of Chemical Sciences at the University of Auckland. This project presents an exciting opportunity to explore the mechanism(s) of catalytic Si-Si bond formation and subsequently, design an efficient catalyst for the production of polysilanes.  Polymeric materials with a sigma-conjugated Si-Si backbone are semi-conductors with electrochemical and photophysical properties suitable for use in modern energy applications. 

The PhD candidate must have completed a MSc or a BSc (Honours) degree in chemistry, with first class honours or equivalent, and with a focus on synthetic inorganic chemistry. Some polymer chemistry knowledge is also desirable. The successful PhD candidate must be able to meet the requirements of, and enrol in, the University of Auckland’s PhD programme.  

To apply please email Dr Erin Leitao at with your CV, academic transcript, a short statement of interest and the names and details of two professional referees.