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2015 PhD Scholarships: The Biocide Toolbox


Several PhD Scholarships (fees and stipends) will be offered as part of The Biocide Tool Box (BTB) programme (6 years) funded by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

The Biocide Toolbox has as its central objective the development of a toolbox of new greener biocides applicable in commercial and healthcare contexts which contribute to NZ export growth.

The MBIE Biocide Toolbox programme is inviting applications from prospective PhD students with relevant skills and motivation wishing to be considered for these scholarship awards.

The research themes in the Biocide Toolbox programme are New Designer Biocides, Synthetic-natural Hybrid Biocides, New modes of Surface presentation of Biocides, and Microbiological Mechanisms of Potency. Successful applicants will have demonstrated ability in either of organic synthesis, natural product science, advanced materials and surface science, microbiology or molecular biology, and be prepared to work in a multi-disciplinary and commercially-focused environment.

Special advantages of these scholarships:

  • To conduct research in a field of national importance for NZ which involves a large number of high-value manufacturing companies (Martin-Jenkins & Associates Report: 2014)

  • To be involved in a global field of high market growth (Markets & Markets Report: 2014)

  • To be part of a high-quality Team of interdisciplinary researchers from the University of Auckland, University of Otago, Scion Research Ltd and The Cawthron Institute

  • To work with experienced Business Executives in developing commercialization pathways

  • To work with one or more innovative NZ companies as an extension to your thesis study

  • To strengthen and diversify career options and employability in the private sector

The BTB Principal Investigators: UoA: Professor Ralph Cooney (Science Leader), Professor Margaret Brimble, Dr Jianyong Jin, Professor Paul Kilmartin, Professor Jadranka Travas-Sejdic, Dr Silas Villas-Boas, Dr Filipa Silva, Dr S. Swift, Dr Siouxsie Wiles; U Otago: Associate Prof Steven Moratti, Professor Jim McQuillan; Scion Research Ltd: Dr Tripti Singh; The Cawthron Institute: Dr Patrick Cahill; Dr Louis Tremblay; Associate Investigators: Professor Jim Johnston (VUW) and Dr John Kennedy (GNS)

Applications (note of application, CV, academic record, 2 referee reports from tenured academics) should be submitted before 24 November to Dr Sudip Ray ( Enquiries regarding the BTB programme can be directed to Professor Ralph Cooney or one of the UoA Principal Investigators (see above) in the area of your special interest. More information on PhD study can be found at