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Preparatory Chemistry 4 day Course

This four-day course is designed to assist prospective students who intend enrolling in first-year chemistry couses after they have had some years away from formal study, or who do not have a strong background in chemistry. It will focus on basic principles of chemistry. This will provide you with an introduction to chemistry which may assist you in deciding which of CHEM 110 and CHEM 150 is appropriate for you in semester 1. If you choose CHEM 150, you will be able to take CHEM 110 and/or CHEM 120 in your second semester.

No points are given toward any degree. The course runs for four days: 20-25 February 2014. Registration will be accepted up to 19 February 2014, subject to places available. The fee for this course is $180.00.

Please contact Anoma Ratnayake or check the Preparatory Chemistry web page for more details