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ESR Core Funded Project PhD Scholarship Opportunity

ESR, in association with the University of Auckland is offering an exciting PhD research opportunity.Two PhD scholarships available in the Forensic Biology field.

Project 1

RNA in Forensic Science – Enhancing RNA body fluid and cell type identification

Identifying the body fluid or cell type that a DNA profile originated from is an exciting and important development in forensic biology. This project aims to enhance RNA identification techniques and to gain new knowledge about gene expression in specific body fluids.

The successful PhD applicant will undertake research to investigate RNA methods to identify body fluids and cell types through the development of PCR-based assays and other methods to investigate in detail the interaction of biomarkers in specific body fluids to improve and understand the results obtained from casework samples.

Applications Close 19 July 2013. Please download the document for more details


Project 2

Species identification from difficult samples- Using new technology to solve forensic problems

Species identification by next generation sequencing offers a simplified workflow suitable for the identification of single and mixed samples of DNA recovered from plant, animal and microbial origin which can be optimised for variety of applications.

The successful PhD applicant will undertake research investigating the application of DNA sequencing to solve forensic problems from non-human DNA samples.

In summary you will integrate skills in the recovery of trace levels of biological material and DNA sequencing skills using traditional and new methods to solve new forensic problems to an accredited standard.

Applications Close on 19 July 2013. Please download the document for more details