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PhD Scholarship Opportunity: Electrochemical sensors for profiling milk

Project Title : Electrochemical sensors for profiling milk

The project will be supported by the programme funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, that commenced at the University of Auckland in 2012. The programme supports the development of a new sensing technology and its application within the Dairy and Aquaculture Industries, to enable the vision of 'Precision Agriculture' for New Zealand’s primary industry sector.

The main purpose of this research is to develop methods to profile milks using electrochemical techniques, with a view to rapidly screen milk samples for information about the chemical composition of the milk and in the diagnosis of diseases. The project will utilise electroanalytical methods established at the University of Auckland for profiling the antioxidant content of beverages, using both inert electrodes and sensors modified with a layer of the conducting polymer PEDOT to enhance the analytical response.

The successful candidate should have a BSc (Hons) or MSc degree in Chemistry or a related subject. Previous experience in conducting polymers, electrochemistry or materials characterisation would be helpful.

Start date: July 2013. The scholarship comes with an annual stipend of NZ$25,000 per annum for three years, and in addition the PhD tuition fees are covered by the scholarship.

Applications Close : 30 June 2013

Please email Assoc Prof Paul Kilmartin
including a copy of your CV: