School of Chemical Sciences


  • 2011 Upper North Island Wine Competition
    07 November 2011
    Ti Point Vineyard’s 2010 Ti Point One Merlot Cabernet franc and Omaha Bay Vineyard’s 2009 Pinot gris, both from Matakana, were named the champion red and white wines of the 2011 Upper North Island Wine Competition at Old Government House on Satur
  • Iconic wine estate to become part of The University of Auckland
    15 July 2011
    The University of Auckland is positioned to become the Southern Hemisphere’s premium wine science facility thanks to the vision of pioneering Waiheke winemakers Kim and Jeanette Goldwater.
  • New name reflects chemistry’s breadth
    29 April 2011
    With activities ranging from micro-scale manufacturing to wine aroma analysis, crime scene research, and the synthesis of new drugs, the Department of Chemistry has outgrown its old name and will now be known as the School of Chemical Sciences.
  • University hosts inaugural Upper North Island wine awards
    04 October 2010
    The inaugural Upper North Island Wine Challenge awards – for wines from Northland, Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty – were held at The University of Auckland on Saturday evening.
  • Marsden fund supports science projects worth $3.1 million
    04 October 2010
    Seven research projects from the Faculty of Science were awarded a total of $3.1 million over the next three years in the 2010 Marsden Fund round.
  • Public lecture on the chemistry that links boron and blood
    17 August 2010
    A childhood fascination with crystals sparked Penny Brothers’ interest in chemistry and now she has been promoted to professor of inorganic chemistry at The University of Auckland.
  • Sauvignon Blanc ages best in the fridge
    03 June 2010
    Auckland scientists studying the unique characteristics of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc have shown that cold storage can triple the shelf-life of the wine by reducing the loss of characteristic tropical fruit aromas over time.