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From natural products to zombie drugs | chemicals with biological effects Event as iCalendar

16 May 2018

6:15 - 7:30pm

Venue: Large Chemistry Lecture Theatre, (301-G050) Ground Floor, Building 301

Location: 23 Symonds Street, City Campus, Auckland

Host: School of Chemical Sciences

Cost: Free. Refreshments will be served prior to the lecture at 5.30pm | Level 6 Breakout Space, Building 302

Structure of a zombie drug for Professor Brent Copp's inaugural lecture
Professor Brent Copp, School of Chemical Sciences
Professor Brent Copp

Inaugural lecture by Professor Brent Copp

Natural products are molecules produced by living organisms. These so-called secondary metabolites are thought to improve the survival fitness of the producer.

These same natural products, or derivatives, have also been utilised by humanity for millennia, providing positive benefits as medicines (examples include morphine and penicillin) and negative effects such as misused drugs (which include cocaine and heroin).

Professor Copp’s research career has focused on the discovery of novel biologically active natural products and investigation of their biotechnological uses and the ecological roles played by these substances.

This talk will focus on some of the highlights along the way, and how these seemingly unrelated interests have led to helping border authorities detect and identify synthetic cannabinoids.

Refreshments at 5.30pm in the Level 6 Breakout Space, Building 302.