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SCS Colloquium - Strategic Alkylations of Nitriles and Isocyanides Event as iCalendar

31 July 2017


Venue: 302-G20

Host: School of Chemical Sciences

Contact email:

Professor Fraser Fleming

Presenter : Professor Fraser F. Fleming
                   Department of Chemistry, Drexel University, Philadelphia

Metalated nitriles are nucleophilic chameleons whose structure is intimately tied to the nature of the metal counter ion, temperature, and solvent. Varying the environmental conditions provides selective access to an array of N-metalated nitriles, nitrile-stabilized carbanions, and C-metalated nitriles which have distinctly different properties. The structural information will be used to explain how nitriles can be used for selective carbon-carbon bond formation: stereoselectivity, regioselectivity, chemoselectivity.

The reactions of metalated isocyanides, are unique and very much underdeveloped; classical alkylation and conjugate addition reactions are rare. Much of the difficulty lies in the instability of metalated isocyanides which are prone to self-condensation. Advances in conjugate addition and alkylation will be presented with an emphasis on reactions that preserve the isonitrile functionality for applications such as multi-component reactions.


The colloquium will be followed by a reception at 5 pm in 302-Level 6 common room
Please contact Distinguished Professor Margaret Brimble for more information