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SCS Colloquium -Ionic Liquids and Their Mixtures: From Structure to Function Event as iCalendar

06 July 2017


Venue: 303-MLT3

Host: School of Chemical Sciences

Dr Cameron Weberpng

Ionic liquids (ILs), low melting salts, are being actively explored for a variety of applications. These include: as solvents for chemical synthesis, separations and purifications; as materials and electrolytes for energy generation and storage; as media for biomass processing; as lubricants and adhesives; and for drug formulation and delivery. ILs are structurally complex fluids due to the interplay between Coulombic forces and other, weaker, interactions such as hydrogen bonding, π+- π+ stacking and solvophobic forces. This array of intermolecular interactions gives rise to the opportunity to achieve unusual, and improved, chemical outcomes. The flexibility of IL ion selection provides the prospect of tuning the properties of these liquids to maximise these outcomes. The ability to achieve this in a rational fashion requires a thorough understanding of the underlying structural effects in ILs and their impact on chemical processes.


This presentation will highlight approaches undertaken to delineate the effect of the intermolecular forces present in ILs on their structure, the structure of their mixtures and their physicochemical properties. The impact of IL structural effects on chemical processes will also be discussed with an emphasis on nucleophilic substitution reactions, pharmaceutical purification and metal-free hydrogenation.


Colloquium will be followed by a reception at 5 pm in 302-Level 10 common room