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SCS Colloquium -The Hazards of “Down the Drain” Chemicals Event as iCalendar

30 March 2017


Venue: 303-MLT3

Host: School of Chemical Sciences

Prof  Chris Metcalfe png

Presenter: Prof  Chris Metcalfe
Trent University, Peterborough, ON, Canada

A variety of products that we use every day wind up being flushed into our sewer systems, including personal care products and domestic products, and these contain potentially harmful chemicals, such as fragrances, antibacterial compounds, plasticizers and surfactants. In addition, we excrete in our urine and faeces a variety of chemicals of natural or synthetic origin, including pharmaceuticals and illicit drugs and steroid hormones.  These compounds are often poorly removed in wastewater treatment plants and are discharged into the aquatic environment. Using examples taken from our research at Trent University and the work of colleagues in Canada, I will describe the concentrations of these “down the drain” chemicals in the aquatic environment and their effects on fish either caged downstream of wastewater discharges or exposed in situ in surface waters that are impacted by wastewater discharges. 


Colloquium will be followed by a reception at 5 pm in 302-Level 10 common room