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SCS Seminar-Multimetallic Systems for Enhanced Catalysis – Bimetallic and Supported catalysts Event as iCalendar

09 February 2017


Venue: 303-MLT2

Host: School of Chemical Sciences

Barbara Messerle

Presenter: Professor Barbara Messerle

                 Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences, Macquarie University


Restricting two catalytically active metal ions within a single ligand framework can dramatically enhance catalyst performance. We have previously shown that bimetallic complexes of Ir(I) and/or Rh(I) with N’,N donor ligands are significantly more efficient catalysts than their monometallic counterparts. We have also demonstrated the dependence of bimetallic enhancement on intermetallic distance. Heterobimetallic complexes, which contain two different metal centres, are of particular interest due to their ability to promote two or more sequential transformations in the same reaction vessel.

We are exploring the development of effective hybrid catalysts by anchoring our homogeneous catalysts onto a range of robust carbon supports. Well defined carbon-based catalyst scaffolds have the potential to provide economical and practical routes to a range of high value compounds due to their well defined nanostructure, relatively defect free surfaces, large surface areas and resistance to oxidation. We have recently developed a convenient method of covalently attaching homogeneous iridium and rhodium catalysts onto a range of carbon surfaces. The tethered complexes are effective and recyclable catalysts for reactions including the hydrosilation and hydroamination of alkynes, and C-N bond forming via hydrogen borrowing.