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SCS Colloquium -Energy Storage the Missing Link Event as iCalendar

22 February 2017


Venue: Room 423-342

Host: School of Chemical Sciences

Anthony K. Burrell

Presenter: Dr Anthony K. Burrell 
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) , US

The key to a low carbon future is the elimination of almost all of our current hydrocarbon energy sources.  In the USA the two largest sources of CO2 are transportation and electricity generation.  Considerable research into the replacement of coal plants using renewables and the development of electric vehicles are underway and significant progress is being made.  Recent analysis has identified that only limited CO2 reductions can be achieved from BEV and PHEVs utilizing a high carbon electrical grid.  However, as the deployment of renewable generation increases, issues with grid integration and curtailment are becoming more apparent.  The intersection between these problems is energy storage. In this presentation I will discuss the requirements for energy storage in both vehicles and grid, and detail the NREL approaches to both systems and materials development.  


Anthony K. Burrell received a Ph.D. in chemistry in 1990 from the University of Auckland, New Zealand.  He was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Texas, Austin (1991-1992) before joining Los Alamos National Laboratory as a Directors Fellow in 1992. He then moved to the Chemistry Department at Massey University, New Zealand and 1994 and was awarded the Chair of Synthetic Chemistry in 1998.  In 2001 he returned to LANL where he established new programs in materials chemistry.  In 2011 he moved to Argonne National Laboratory where he was the Head of Department for the CSE Electrochemical Energy Storage Department and a PI in the Joint Center for Energy storage Research (JCESR).  In 2016 he joined the National Renewable Energy Laboratory as Chief Technologist for Energy Storage.  He has authored over 200 publications in refereed journals and has 34 issued US patents.


Colloquium will be followed by a reception at 5 pm in 302-Level 10 common room