Two minute talks

Thirty-six first year doctoral students will be presenting their research in a speedy two-minute time slot over two different sessions. This 'thesis challenge' demonstrates the high calibre of research we expect from our PhD candidates.

First session

Kirsty Anderson                                                                           
A new indole to benzoxazole rearrangement enabled by C-H borylation

Nicola Zoe Brant                                                                           
Studies towards the total synthesis of Annotinolide C

Kristel Mae Rabanzo Castillo                                                    
Polysilanes: The Unabridged Version

Zhixia Chen                                                                                    
Compositional characterisation and potential health benefits of New Zealand grown fungus, Hericium coralloides

Andrew Khuan Zheng Ching                                                    
Heterogenous Lithiation of V2O5

Ryan Joseph Dixon                                                                      
Photo-crosslinked Meridianin F derivatives for the identification of a PSA-NCAM modulator

Jakob Martin Gaar                                                                       
AGEd peptides and their link to Diabetes

Hugh Douglas Glossop                                                               
Optimising the octapeptins: antimicrobials and hydrogels inspired by battacin lipopeptides

Dana Elizabeth Goodacre                                                         
X-ray spectroscopy of vapour adsorption across a metal-insulator transition

Phillip Stephen Grant                                                                 
Total Synthesis of Leonuketal

Dona Madhushani Gunawardana                                         
Structural and mechanistic studies of ACC Oxidase

Miriana Glenda Horacek-Glading                                          
Investigating O-BODIPY-sugar binding for the purposes of analysis, sensing and visualisation of saccharides

Deepika Kanyan                                                                            
Synthesis of new cobalt catalysts covalently attached to BODIPY photosensitizers for light-driven hydrogen production from water

Shinji Kihara                                                                                   
Nanotoxicology: how do nanoparticles invade your cells

Magdalena Helena Kohut                                                         
Alkaloid synthesis enabled by pyrrole C-H borylation

Yangyi Lai                                                                                        
Synthesis and Analysis of Marine Natural Product Plicatamide

Betty Yuen Tung Lee                                                                   
Development of fluorescent metal complexes: cancer treatment and tool for chemical biology

Steven Li             
Antibiotics from NZ fungi



Second session

Yao-Yuan Liu                                                                                   
Bioinformatic tools for the analysis and interpretation of forensic sequencing data

Xiaotong Lyu                                                                                  
The effect of the antioxidants glutathione and ascorbic acid on Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc wines

Oi Wei Mak                                                                                    
Towards a cure for Batten disease- A structural and biochemical study

Hadi Mazruee Kashani                                                               
A new class of anticancer agents based on N-heterocyclic carbenes (NHCs); Functionalisable compounds aimed for oral administration of chemotherapeutics to improve efficacy and patients' living quality

Naasson Mbambi Mbenza                                                        
Understanding the strengths of human Oxygen bio-sensors

Antony Edmund Melton                                                            
H2O2 on Demand for Water Decontamination

Ardalan Ali Nabi                                                                            
Synthetic Studies towards Inducamide C and Breitfussin B

Jinal Chandubhai Patel                                                               
Chemotherapy: More Efficient- Less Side Effect

Esperanza Sassafrass Pearl                                                       
Synthetic Studies towards the Marine Toxin Portimine

Thuy Trang Pham         
Chemical transformations of the biomass-derived building block 3-acetamido-5-acetylfuran (3A5AF)                                                                

Wen Qi                                                                                             
Chemical mechanisms underlying the activity of hypoxia-selective anticancer drugs

Aakanksha Rani                                                                             
Hybrid Self-Assembling Peptide towards Functionalized Biomaterial

Romana Ulrike Schmiedt                                                           
Amyloid nanofibril materials for the delivery of antimicrobials

Pipat Tangjaidee                                                                          
Speciation and Characterisation of Selenium Species Extracted from High-Selenium Plant

Kelvin Tong                                                                                     
2 are better than 1      

Min Wang                                                                                       
Intrinsically Stretchable Conductive Polymers for Wearable Organic Electronics

Martijn Johannes Wildervanck                                               
Exploring the Optical Properties of Glucose-BODIPY Conjugates using DFT

Elyse Williams   
Total Synthesis of Lexapeptide