Seventy-nine postgraduate students have produced a poster summarising their current research. These all represent hundreds of hours of work and the exciting results therein. The posters will be on display in the Ground Floor Foyer (Building 302, 23 Symonds Street) for the duration of the Research Showcase.

Second year postgraduate students

1. Bikimi Bitrus Ayiya
Synthesis of the First Tridentate Ligand that incorporates both Pyridinylidene Amide

2. Weam Sameer O Banjar
(PYA) and Remote N-Heterocyclic Carbene (rNHC) donors groups

3. Andrew Chan
RSoXS – A Powerful New Tool for Probing Photonic Crystal Architectures

4. Han Sol Choi
Direct N-vinyl amide synthesis via an unexpected [3+2] enolate-vinyl azide cycloaddition.

5. Danilo Correddu
mRNA translation in Parkinson’s disease

6. Shaun Lloyd Bruce Ferris
Synthesis and Evaluation of Menaquinone D (MenD) Inhibitors as Potential TB Therapeutics

7. Jared Liam Freeman
Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of the Potent Antibiotic Anthracimycin

8. Roshan Khadka
Stability and Reliability of Gold Electrodes Probed with Various Faradaic Redox Species and a Non-Faradaic electrolyte for Biosensing Applications

9. Se Hun Kim
Synthetic studies towards pseudocerosine

10. Chao Liang
Fundamental studies of polymer structure and their gas separation performances via synthetic approaches

11. Stephen Lo
Derivatisation of polyphenolic flavonoids extracted from fruits and vegetables

12. Ziqi Lu
New solid state materials for gas sensing and electronic application

13. Sesha Sarathchandra Manuguri
Citrate-ion Assisted Mineralization of Iron oxide Nanoparticles in Peroxiredoxin

14. Anand Mohan
Effect of honey on growth and probiotic efficacy of L. reuteri DPC16

15. Mahsa Moteshakeri
Development of an electrochemical sensor to analyse uric acid in milk

16. Yaoyao Peng
Characterization of the key aroma compounds in different New Zealand grown feijoa cultivars

17. Rasangani Sabaragamuwa
Potential bioactive compounds from Centella asiatica (Gotu kola) and their role against neurodegenerative diseases

18. Dianna Truong
Benzimidazolium-derived N-heterocyclic carbene RuII and OsIII arene complexes and peptide conjugates as novel anticancer agents

19. Praveen George Vadakkedath
Self Assembly of peptides and proteins in five fold symmetry

20. Buzhe Xu
Total Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of a New Lanthipeptide, Tikitericin

21. Sutharsana Yathursan
Synthesis of analogues of anti-tuberculosis peptide Calpinactam

22. Piao Ye
Plasmonic Enhanced Visible-light Driven Photocatalysts for Solar Hydrogen Production

23. Victor Vic-to Yim
Syntheses of antimicrobial peptides using CLipPA technology

24. Peikai Zhang
Direct Writing of 3D Conducting Polymer Arrays for Biological Cell Sensing

25. Huihua Zhou
Development of Y2O3:Eu@SiO2 Phosphors for White LED Application

26. Yongchao Zhu
Investigation on the delivery of vision-beneficial multi-micronutrients for effective absorption


Third year postgraduate students

27. Daniel Moscoh Ayine-Tora
Virtual screening and biophysical studies lead to HSP90 inhibitors

28. Chloe A Hae Cho
Synthesis of Biodegradable Antimicrobial Polymers with High Selectivity

29. Terence Michael Christy                                
Chemistry of sulfur-functionalized osmabenzenes

30. Emma Kathleen Davison                               
Synthetic studies towards an enantiomeric pair of indole alkaloids isolated from the roots of Isatis indigotica

31. Aubrey Gabasa Dosado                                 
Development of Efficient Phosphors for NIR Upconversion

32. Megan Lee Jamieson                                      
Synthetic Studies Towards the Gombaspiroketals

33. Hamid Kheirkhah                                             
Subcritical water extraction of phenolic compounds from kiwifruit processing by-product

34. Kwangyoon Ko                                                  
Total synthesis of callyspongiolide

35. Dongxing Li                                                         
Physicochemical properties and molecular structures of kiwifruit starches

36. Rachel Tessy Mathew                                     ]
Surface Presented Biocides- Anchored Quaternary Ammonium Salts on Quartz

37. Fithri Choirun Nisa                                           
Low-Frequency Ultrasound Homogenization of Cream

38. George Ouma Opiyo                                       
Synthetic Studies Towards The Total Synthesis of Opaliferin

39. Kamal Deepakbhai Patel                               
Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Peptide based Inhibitors of Histone Deacetylases implicated in Cancer

40. Krunal Chandrakant Patel                             
Molecular Modelling and Virtual Screening for Isocitrate lyase I inhibitors

41. Jessica Yoko Suda                                             
Assessment of raw milk culture potential for the formation of flavour in cheese

42. Matthew Paul Sullivan                                    
The interaction between Ru/Os piano stool complexes and lysozyme impacts protein stability

43. Shi Min Tan                                                         
Characterisation of bioactive grape and wine metabolites through a combined organic, analytical and computational approach

44. Charlotte Johanna Vandermeer
Grape marc extract as an antioxidant and antimicrobial additive

45. Matheus Jose Teixeira Vargas                     
Reliable, Reproducible Detection for Accurate Measurement of Bovine Estrus and Pregnancy Using Centrifugal Microfluidics

46. Guangyuan Xu                                                   
Laser scribed graphene/PVDF-HFP composite electrodes with improved mechanical water wear and their electrochemistry

47. Ayesha Zafar
The identification of novel Vitis vinifera polyphenol oxidase inhibitors using virtual screening

48. Chuang Zhang                                                    
Morphology of noni juice containing maltodextrin and gum acacia during single droplet drying

49. Qiang Zhang                                                       
Antimicrobial Polymer and Surface Modification

50. Shengping Zhang             
Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Callyearin A and Its Analogues as Potential Anti-TB Therapeutics


Fourth year postgraduate students

51. Da Chen                                    
Deposition and arrangement of cellulose microfibrils during collenchyma cell development                                                          

52. Samuel James Davidson                     
Total synthesis of ovafolinin A and B via a novel cascade cyclisation

53. Courtney Jayne Davy                           
Smart Functionalized Catalytic Films for Water Purification

54. Shama Surakshi Manela Dissanayake
Use of peptide-drug conjugates systems as potential therapeutics for polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD)

55. Nina Marie Duhamel                             
Exploring Obscure Wine Aroma Compounds – Thiols and Sesquiterpenes

56. Andrew Stuart Eastabrook                   
Transformation of indoles by C-H borylation

57. Safeia Elgaroshi                                  
Spectroscopic Studies of the chemistry of H4SiO4 Polymerization at the Aqueous-Magnetite Interface

58. Alissa Jane Hackett                             
Pt nanoparticles electrodeposited on to PEDOT-g-PAA brushes

59. Hannah Holtkamp                                
Improving speciation of metal based anticancer agents in serum samples via coated capillaries for CE-ICP-MS analysis

60. Joshua Alan Homer                              
The total synthesis of sciodole, a biomimetic approach

61. Joo Young Jeong                                
Synthesis of the Tetracyclic Core of Integrastatins, Inhibitors of HIV-1 Integrase

62. Fatemeh Mahmoodani                         
Isolation and identification of vitamin D3 oxidation products in simulated whole milk powder by liquid chromatography mass spectrometry

63. Sanam Movassaghi                             
Development of Anti-Cancer Organometallic Complexes with Bidentate N-Heterocyclic Carbenes Ligands

64. Aaron Chin Yit Tay                              
Synthesis of Boron Porphyrinoids

65. Cherie Tania Tollemache                      
In-depth electrochemical investigation into reproducibility of mixed self-assembled monolayers formed from different deposition methodologies

66. Reuben Murray White                          
Synthetic studies towards the indole alkaloids kottamides A-E

67. James Michael Wood                          
Synthesis of 2-formylpyrroles using a Maillard approach: Elucidation of the bioactive pharmacophore in traditional Chinese medicines


Masters students and research fellows

68. Heiana Agnieray
Laser based origami with protein films

69. Rakesh Arul                                                       
Transition Metal Oxide Photonics – Self Organization and Atomic Defects

70. Wan-Ting Chen                                    
Ni/TiO2 - Low Cost Photocatalysts for Solar H2 Production

71. Ruth Cink
Improvement for Photoactivatable HNO Donors: Effects of a Simple Modification to the (Hydroxy-naphthalenyl)methyl Phototrigger

72. Joey Feld                                                            
Towards Elucidating the Mechanism of the Copper-Catalysed Oxidative Cross-Coupling of P-H and N-H: Reaction Component Considerations and Mechanistic Evidence

73. Vitalii Furt         
High Melt Strength, Tear Resistant Blown Film Based on Poly-lactic acid

74. Renjie Huang                                                    
NMRToolkit for Fragment-based Inhibitor Screening

75. Danielle Paterson                                           
PI3King Apart a Protein Protein Interaction: A Peptide Approach

76. Kumar Saawan                                                
Conjugation of ruthenium complexes to magnetite nanoparticles for drug delivery

77. Shaheena Shaheem                                      
Use of Inorganic Polymers as a Delivery Vehicle for Bioinorganic Anti-Cancer Drugs


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